We are a small family-run artisan company for several generation.
Behind each item there is the life of the craftsman who with love and passion invents and materially creates the product.
Our strengths are the possibility of "made-to-measure", personalization, and finally, the human relationship which in a globalized and industrial world of our times is not so obvious.


-It is possible to collect the products at our laboratory at no additional cost.

-Delivery times and availability are not binding but indicative, when ordering you will be given the realistic times based on the period.
-The costs are in line with the Italian Artisan productions, not to be confused with imported products whose market is flooded.

Our company is based in Angri, a small town located in the province of Salerno, a few kilometers from the Amalfi coast and very close to ancient Pompeii.

Art in all its forms has been rooted here for millennia. We were inspired in the choice of our name from a Pompeian residence, the house of the Faun, a villa full of ornamental mosaics found in the city buried by Vesuvius in 79 AD.

For customers outside the Italian territory, the shipping costs may vary.
when ordering, based on the place of shipment, a total estimate will be made, including shipping costs.
For purchases made outside Italy there are no taxes, but only shipping costs.

The Mosaic

We have reinterpreted this ancient and valuable painting technique by proposing it in your homes and gardens in the form of exclusive and fascinating table tops. We are inspired by the past in the creation of our designs, the present in the choice of materials, the future in the creation of supports.

We remain the only Italian company that has always specialized in the production of tops, we focus our efforts exclusively on that. Not only aesthetics, but also durability, and this is exactly what makes the difference, beautiful tables, fully exploitable, eternal.

Our tops are perfectly water-repellent, oil-repellent, etc ... The support we use, of our own creation and exclusive, allows the creation of Standard tops in a single piece up to the size of 300 x 120 cm, with a specific weight of 58 kg per square meter and 3 cm thick.

They resist frost and sun and do not require special maintenance, just a good degreasing product and water are enough to bring it back to its original shine. Transportation is easier and faster, without any special worries.

In this way, we ensure that we deliver to the end customer a fully exploitable product, completely handmade in Italy and in a workmanlike manner.

IL FAUNO mosaic tables are real works of high artistic craftsmanship. However similar they may be, each floor is always different from the other, precisely because of the construction characteristics.

The drawings are made from time to time in pencil. The preparatory sketch, disposable, is composed of the main lines. The mosaicists interpret the guiding design with the tiles, through their own experience and creativity.
An important role is the choice of raw materials, first of all the various types of marble that will be used for the composition.
The owners personally select the stones and marbles directly in the factory.

Il Fauno Mosaici uses only marble with a thickness of 1 cm, smoothed or antiqued, called modulmarmo, which are mainly used in the applications of prestigious flooring.
In some tables solid tiles in ceramic-coated lava stone are used. This noble material is glazed and decorated by our potters, then undergoes a firing in the oven at about 950 °. The ceramic-coated lava is anti-freeze and anti-acid, guaranteeing a high resistance to atmospheric agents.

From the cut to the decoration, everything is handmade in our laboratory.
IL Fauno Mosaici, for years an artisan excellence in the field of marble mosaic tables and artistic stone processing.

The Wrought Iron

The proposed iron articles and accessories are our production.
The table bases are designed for the weight of our tops or for heavy tops such as lava stone or crystals.
They can be disassembled to facilitate transport.

The chairs are handcrafted, built for good comfort, stackability, with the right weight and without excess.

Treatments on galvanizing products, anticorrosive primers and powder coating complete the finish.

From the semi-finished product to the painting, everything is 100% made in Italy.